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FD threads for Dean/Cas Big Bang 2010 works.

The Minibang posting period was from 16 to 26 August, and Big Bang posting period was from 1 to 29 October. Spermy deleted in the middle of Big Bang posting, so the earlier threads have been lost.


October 18 to 22[edit]

  • Code Purple [Jensen/Misha, R] by Ru_salki99, art by kiasca
  • Polar Night by [D/C, NC-17] by phate_phoenix, art by attempt_unique
  • Fight Club [D/C, R] by nybors, art by vixengeraldine
  • Switch [D/C, PG-13] by feline_feral, art by lilchibibunny

October 25 to 29[edit]

  • Orizuru [Jensen/Misha, Adult] by kadiel_krieger, art by qthelights
  • Taking Refuge [Dean/Jimmy friendship, D/C, mature] by neenas-cabana, art by rivercritter
  • The Emporium [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by vaderina, art by vicious_sock