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FD threads for the Dean/Cas Big Bang 2011.

Week 1: October 3 to 7[edit]

  • Close To Broken [Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Meg, NC17] by shadowrose81, art by rivercritter
  • Tangled [D/C, PG13] by lymricks, art by cafe_de_labeill
  • Coils of Fate [Jensen/Misha, PG13] by joidianne4eva, art by geonghaeleth
  • Always with you [D/C, others, NC17] by deanawinchester, art by love_jackianto

Week 2: October 10 to 14[edit]

  • Oneiroi [D/C, R/NC17] by mclachlan, art by miki_moo
  • Damned [Gen, R] by goldenusagi, art by chef_geekier
  • Imitating Life [D/C, Dean/Misha, others, NC17 ] by littlehollyleaf, art by ollivetti

Week 3: October 17 to 21[edit]

  • In the Blood [D/C, NC17] by zatnikatel and nightrider101, art by mementis

Week 4: October 24 to 28[edit]

  • Mr. Know-It-All [D/C, Cas/Anna, NC17] by baba_o_reily, art by oolongteamix
  • Alchemy [D/C, R] by wanderamaranth, art by stormseye
  • Without a Map [Gen with D/C overtones, PG13] by jaimeykay & twoskeletons, art by august_monsoon
  • Castiel Rising [D/C, Meg/Castiel, NC17] by phate_phoenix, art by rednarcissism
  • Peace on Earth [D/C, Dean/Lisa, PG13] by lies_unfurl, art by cassiopeia7

Week 5: October 31 to November 4[edit]

  • Redemption [D/C, R] by freckledwings, art by vicious_sock
  • In the Weeds [D/C, NC17] by nanoochka, art by daggomus_prime