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FD threads for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang 2012.

Week 1: October 1 to 5[edit]

  • Humble Pie [Dean/Castiel, R] by homeless_poet, art by jukebox_head
  • Oadriax [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, NC17] by daksgirl, art by terrorinyertub
  • Borrowed [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by hollybennett123, art by lizfu

Week 2: October 8 to 12[edit]

  • Rabbit Punch [pre-Dean/Castiel, R] by wiseorfool, art by amoralambiguity
  • Tracks [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by devilwearsplaid, art by rednarcissism
  • Where It’s Sore [Dean/Castiel, implied past Sam/Dean, NC17] by verucasalt123, art by geckoholic

Week 3: October 15 to 19[edit]

  • Twist and Shout [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by discover & trunkcoats, art by howlandbird
  • Queen of Nothing [Deanna/Castiel, R] by thirstyrobot, art by angrydumpling/scarsaw
  • Structural Color [Misha/Jensen, Jared/Gen, R] by ghostyouknow27, art by tsuminoaru
  • The Long Fall [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by fine_feathered, art by milkbleed

Week 4: October 22 to 26[edit]

  • A Lot Like Falling [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Becky, R] by komodobits/allpointsnowhere, art by pokochu/shleebee
  • Our Small World [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, PG13] by yellowfic, art by wondersmith
  • There Go The Ships [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Daphne, past Castiel/Daphne, PG13] by oomnydevvotchka, art by paxdracona
  • Domesticated [Dean/Castiel, R] by kototyph, art by levanera
  • Samskeyti [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by brokentoy, art by kenshymidzu

Week 5: October 29 to November 2[edit]

  • Foolin' [Dean/Castiel, R] by piraninjedi, art by sharys_aogail
  • Hidden Away [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by stolen_childe, art by siliceb
  • Black Dove [Dean/Castiel, Teen/PG13] by silly_blue, art by arihx

Week 6: November 5 to 9[edit]

  • ROCK & ROLL [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by epicureal, art by mieaou
  • Like Electric Shocks [Dean/Castiel, Teen] by constantcreep/written_in_the_dark/mishacollins-tongue, art by jeedarling

Week 7: November 12 to 16[edit]

  • Stranger Gods [Dean/Castiel, R] by theladywanderer, art by reyn3ll
  • Triskele [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, PG13] by binnin, art by goldenthyme

Week 8: November 19 to 23[edit]

  • See the Light [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by the_spice, art by sammycolt24
  • Angelhawke [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by almaasi, art by electrikfeather
  • Black Glass [Dean/Castiel, Michael/Dean, NC17] by babygatsby, art by xsilverdreamsx