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FD threads for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang 2013.

Week 1: October 1 to 4[edit]

  • C-S-T-L [Dean/Castiel, R] by komodobits, art by dosymedia
  • The Long Fall [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, R] by winnywriter, art by kamicom

Week 2: October 7 to 11[edit]

  • Every Living Thing [Dean/Castiel, platonic Sam/Castiel, PG13] by steeplechasers, art by chargetransfer
  • Trinity [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Tamara, R] by meshell_mybell, art by playthefool
  • Safe Spaces [Dean/Cas, PG13] by dustlines, art by kenupntr/everkings
  • Choke [Dean/Castiel, M] by shadesofblurple, art by crimsonswirls
  • Or Something [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by scarletphoenix1, art by minions4pie
  • Obsession [Castiel/Dean, Dean/Sam, Castiel/Dean/Sam, Mature] by moondansr, art by lilithrain

Week 3: October 14 to 18[edit]

  • Strange Truths [Dean/Cas/Balthazar, PG13] by 9_of_Clubs, art by amyeyl
  • The Cabin [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by bookkbaby, art by chosenfire28
  • Homes [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, NC17] by camui_zuuki, art by almaasi
  • Perditus [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by mkhunterz, art by lichtenstrange
  • One and Only [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Kevin, Teen] by signe_chan, art by sammycolt24

Week 4: October 21 to 25[edit]

  • What Holds Us Up [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jody, PG13] by choc_freckles/deanhugchester, art by anobviousaside
  • Broken Things [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby, Explicit] by fandomsandcake, art by thimblings
  • Deterioration [Dean/Lisa, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, NC17] by highermagic, art by abstradreams
  • Roots [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by anythingtoasted/pastrymisha, art by momalish
  • Muted Angels [Dean/Castiel, past Dean/Lisa, R] by geckoholic, art by tsuminoaru
  • Ad Astra [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by nhijumma, art by nerime
  • Big Machine [Dean Smith/Castiel Novak, R] by anubis_s_j, art by eaksoy
  • Bent [Dean/Castiel, R] by angelgurl21, art by stefy_coool
  • Being Free [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, NC17] by cherriesareblue, art by gishwhere
  • Carry You Home [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah, NC17] by lus_suira, art by xlostloonax

Week 5: October 28 to November 1[edit]

  • The Great Escapist [Dean/Castiel, Charlie/Gilda, Naomi/Chuck, E/NC17] by 8sword, art by sweetpeafantasy
  • Splash [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Castiel/Anna, PG13] by jokersgf, art by krioboly
  • Starting Over [Misha/Jensen, NC17] annabethlemorte, art by whogate
  • Waiting for You [Jensen/Misha, Jared/Genevieve, NC17] kiltsocks, art by hrymfaxe
  • Stand Again [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by fromidam, art by lichtenstrange

Week 6: November 4 to 8[edit]

  • Djinn Rummy [Dean/Castiel, T] by casicastiel, art by veloshe
  • WITH LOVE [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by epicureal, art by symphonicblue
  • Chasing Cars [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by improbability32/ratherbehere, art by casamancy

Week 7: November 11 to 15[edit]

  • The Menagerie [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by fine_feathered, art by alt69
  • The Big Afraid [Dean/Castiel, R] by seeing_ghosts, art by gdayidjits
  • Caim [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by wildewinged/vulcanhearted, art by krioboly
  • No Heaven Above [Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Meg, R] by dressednleather, art by amyeyl

Week 8: November 18 to 22[edit]

  • Alexandria [Dean/Cas, Sam/Jess, PG13] by tikistitch, art by ammo
  • Silverwing [Dean/Castiel, Teen] by steviecass, art by asteraoth
  • Pies and Prejudice [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah, NC17] by linoresearch, art by huntercas/casdasgay
  • Dreameater [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by beastofthesky, art by sabrea
  • Suburban War [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by squeemonster, art by casamancy
  • Kill Crowley [Dean/Castiel, R] by landahoymateys, art by abstradreams
  • Pro Tempore [Dean/Cas, Sam/Meg, NC17] by wildirerose/buttsexandwaffles, art by neyllya
  • Hold On [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by tooearlyforthis/somuchforbaggles, art by ypt_leafotwind