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The FD threads of the Dean/Cas Ever After challenge.

Round 3[edit]

  • Fic: You've Got Mail [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, PG13] by velvetina_wonka, You've Got Mail
  • Fic & Art: Losing The Prince [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah, PG13] by the_spice, art by quiddative, Kissing The Witch
  • Fic & Art: A Peculiar Thing [Dean/Cas, Cas/Sam, implied Gabriel/Crowley, PG13] by darkboudicca, art by cupidsbow, A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Fic & Art: Something Borrowed [Dean/Cas, mentions Dean/Anna, Cas/Balthazar, R] by rchginger, art by asteraoth, Something Borrowed
  • Fic & Art: The Midnight Waltz [pre Dean/Castiel, hints of pre Sam/Gabriel, PG13] by rubystandish, art by amyeyl, The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  • Fic: Spirited Away [Dean/Castiel, mild Sam/Lucifer, R] by discreetmath, Spirited Away
  • Fic & Art: Shine [Dean/Castiel, one-sided Dean/Lisa, Sam/Jess, John/Mary, R] by moushkas, art by artmetica, Stardust
  • Fic & Art: The Best Men [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah, Bobby/Jody, PG13] by jscribbles, art by lizfu, Bridesmaids
  • Fic & Art: Follow On My Path [Dean/Castiel, PG15] by bunnymaccool, art by cupidsbow, Little Red Riding Hood
  • Fic & Art: Ever After [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by theblackrose16, Ever After
  • Art: Firdaus [Dean/Castiel, PG13] art by artmetica, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Round 2[edit]

  • Fic & Art: Don't Walk On By [D/C, NC17] by virtualpersonal & brimstonegold, art by mishlee, Pretty Woman
  • Fic: The Apartment [D/C, Dean/Anna, PG13] by janie_tangerine, The Apartment
  • Fic: Ruffled [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by seraphwings
  • Art: Anastasia [D/C, PG13] by princess_aleera

Round 1[edit]

  • Fic: Tip This Scale [D/C, mention of Uriel/Anna/Balthazar, PG13] by mikhala_c, Mulan
  • Fic: Props [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Madison] by dachinchilla, Beauty and the Beast
  • Fic: Under the Lights [D/C, mention of Sam/Jess, PG-13] by stashofpills, Angels in the Outfield
  • Fic: Out of the Sun [Gen, PG13] by evitably, East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  • Fic: One Night [D/C pre-slash, PG] by inalasahl, The Buried Moon
  • Art: The White Dove, [Dean/Castiel, G] by moonofblindness, The White Dove