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Dean/Castiel (aka Destiel) is the pairing Dean Winchester/Castiel.

General threads[edit]

  • Subthread on fluffy D/C BDSM with praisekink: Kink meme open, October 1, 2012, Post #89
  • Recs: D/C recs?, October 24, 2012, Post #91
    • Various DCBB 2012 fics.
  • Talking about D/C fic that uses Castiel's inhuman strength: But why?, November 13, 2012, Post #92

Redemption Road[edit]

Redemption Road is a D/C virtual Season 7 by a group of fans.

Dean/Cas Big Bang[edit]

The Dean/Cas Big Bang is a Big Bang for the pairings Dean/Castiel and Jensen/Misha.

The wank[edit]

There was a huge wank about the DCBB when it was first announced. That was on Spermy so it has been lost, but it's still referred to now and then.

General threads[edit]

FD threads[edit]

Secret Santa Exchange[edit]

  • Question about sign-ups: deancas-xmas, October 10, 2012, Post #89

Other fests[edit]

  • Dean/Cas Ever After
  • Dean/Cas Dystopia
  • Dean/Cas Summer Lovin
  • Dean/Cas Secret Angel Exchange (no longer active)