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The FD threads of the Gabriel Big Bang 2011 challenge.


  • The Different [Minor Gabe/Crowley, R] by threnodyjones, art by satavaisa
  • Cold Burn [Sam/Gabriel, NC17] by sin_stained_ink, art by krystalicekitsu
  • The Stars Align [Gabriel/Castiel/Crowley, past Gabriel/Lucifer, R] by thunder_nari, art by kaworu_renritsu
  • Opened Up The Doors [Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, more, NC17] by blueskypenguin, art by lilchibibunny
  • Maybe Next Time [hints of Gabriel/Sam, PG13] by insatiablegrit, art by retrophysics
  • Finding Faith [Gen, mild Gabriel/Sineya, T] by luna_del_cielo, art by yanyann
  • To Save an Archangel [Sam/Gabriel, side of Dean/Castiel, R] by mandolin_1004, art by kohaku_kyoujin
  • The Butterfly Effect [eventual Dean/Castiel, D/C/G/S-ish, NC17] by princess_aleera, art by deadflowers5
  • Highway of Love [Sam/Trickster, NC17] by jassy3399, art by placeofinsanity
  • Enjoy the Ride [Gabriel/Jimmy, NC17] by slartibartfast, art by lilchibibunny
  • Safe (In My Arms) [Gen, background established Dean/Cas, PG13] by vyxenskye, art by cassiopeia7
  • Blank Pages [Gabriel/Sam, R] by 1_with_russia, art by vicious_sock
  • Making Do (Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Lisa, Dean/Anna, Gabriel/Pamela, PG13] by sephirothflame, art by yanyann
  • The Mask I Have Outworn (Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Gabriel, pre-Dean/Castiel, NC17) by ladyeternal, art by krystalicekitsu