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FD threads for Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang.


  • Spitfire [Genevieve/Danneel, NC17] by ashtraythief, art by keep_waking_up
  • Run and Hide [Genevieve/Adrianne, NC17] by stripysockette, art by lightthesparks
  • All Clean [Jared/Gen, NC17] by snickfic, art by cassiopeia7
  • Sideways [Gen/Adrianne, Gen/Jared, NC17] by saltandbyrne, art by siennavie


  • Silent Night [Ruby/Sam, Ruby/Lilith, Bela/Dean, R] by gryfndor_godess, art by sagetan
  • Seeing All Of You [Ruby/Anna, Anna/Dean, NC17] by smalltrolven, art by elliemurasaki
  • Goodnight Bears [Genevieve/Jared, PG13] by Goodnight Bears, art by scarletscarlet
  • Flukes [Gen/Jared, NC17] by ghostyouknow27, art by sagetan
  • Not Alone [Sam/Ruby, PG13] by jennytork, art by amber1960