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The FD threads of the J2 Ever After 2012 challenge.


  • Fic: Skin Deep [J2, R] by crynintherain, Beauty and the Beast
  • Art: United [J2, or maybe all 3, G] art by deannawesson, The Three Musketeers
  • Fic: Meant To Be [J2, PG] by bad_peppermint, Brave Little Toaster
  • Fic: Woof [J2, PG13] by morrezela, 101 Dalmations
  • Fic: Imperative [J2, R] by ancastar, Ella Enchanted
  • Art: Ratatouille [J2, PG] art by celeste_abel, Ratatouille
  • Fic: Something Wicked [J2, NC17] by storyspinner70, Something Wicked This Way Comes