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The FD threads of the J2 Ever After 2013 challenge.


  • Fic: Mayuon [J2, NC17] by hunters_retreat, Atlantis
  • Fic: Estrangement [J2, PG13] by morrezela, The Princess Diaries
  • Art: Demolition [J2, PG13] art by mashimero, Frankenweenie
  • Fic & art: Ever Ever After [J2, PG13] by transfixeddream, art by maichan, Enchanted
  • Art: Swept Away [J2 PG13] art by cassiopeia7, Lt. Robin Crusoe USN
  • Fic & art : In the Small of My Heart [J2, PG13 (fic), R (art)] by cherie_morte, art by ordinaryink, The Secret World of Arietty