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FD threads for the Meg Exchange.


  • Discussion thread
    • Fic: skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony [G] by hystericalfish for tyrannasaurus
    • Art: Walking with Wolves [G] by salty_catfish for scarletscarlet
    • Fic & Vid: Let Your Demons Run [PG13] by elliemurasaki for myklavelle
    • Art: a Triptych to the band Ad Hoc [Meg/Ruby, PG] by possible for 148km
    • Fic: Great Light Borrower [Gen, PG13] by alliegodmouth for fishy
    • Fic: Chaos and Terror [Gen, G] by tyrannasaurus for electricskeptic
    • Fic: You Were a Meg [Meg/Squeaky, R] by downjune for geckoholic
    • Art: The sound of wings [Meg/Castiel, G] and A little noir [Meg/Castiel, G] by scarlet_bee (scarletscarlet) for whynot (twoskeletons)
    • Art: how your eyes go north and south [PG] by 148km for kalliel
    • Fic: I'll Ignite For You [Bela/Meg, R] by geckoholic for the_gabih
    • Fic: Just A Little Patience [vague Meg/Castiel, PG13] by scarletsherlock for notquiteaghost
    • Fic: Put Up [Gen, PG13] by elatrometer or teaandchess
    • Fic: Unicorns [hints of Meg/Castiel, PG] by by lilafilly for elatrometer
    • Fic: Rumour Has It [slight Meg/Castiel, PG] by teaandchess for ninkasa
    • Fic: Bound [Meg/Castiel, light R] by liminalliz for downjune
    • Fic: The Hand That Feeds [Meg/Castiel, implied Dean/Cas, R] by whynot (twoskeletons) for lilafilly
    • Fic: for valediction, or vigilance [Gen, T] by metonomia for possiblie
    • Fic: dust is all that's left of us] [Lucifer!Sam/Meg, Castiel/Meg, hard R] by whithertits for alliedgodmouth
    • Fic: Scissor Sisters] [Gen, PG13] by kalliel for scarletsherlock
    • Fic: The Devil Had a Daughter] [Meg/Castiel, R] by electricskeptic for liminalliz
    • Fic: Nostalgia] [Gen, R] by whynot (twoskeletons) for elliemurasaki
    • Fic: And God Knows I'm Not Dying (But I Breathe Now)] [Castiel/Meg, PG13] by geckoholic for whithertits