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  • AYRT = "I am the anon you're replying to."
  • DA = "I am a different anon from the one you're replying to, and already commented somewhere else on this thread."
  • NA = "I'm a new anon who has not commented on this thread before."
  • SA = "I'm the same anon, replying to my own comment to edit/elaborate."
  • AIRT = "The anon I replied to."
  • OP = "Original post / original poster."

General acronyms[edit]

  • APT = Art Prompt Thread
  • BB = Depending on context, this can be Big Bang, the SPN J2 Big Bang, or baby.
  • BLoD = Bright Lights of Disturbia, a Sam/Dean SPN fic written by leonidaslion.
  • D/C and DC = Dean/Castiel
  • D/C SA = Dean/Castiel Secret Angel, a fic exchange hosted by the Dean/Cas community.
  • DCBB = Dean/Cas Big Bang
  • E*G = Evil/Extreme _____ Girl, an extreme fan of a specific character, usually used in a derogatory manner, but sometimes reclaimed as a matter of pride. The common ones are EDG (Dean), ESG (Sam) and ECG (Castiel). The term can also be used jokingly, eg. EImpalaG for the show's '67 Impala.
  • E*H = Evil/Extreme ____ Hater, an extreme hater of a specific character.
  • EMW = Evil Michael Weatherly
  • FD = Fanworks Discussion (post)
  • FF = fleshflutter, a fan and fanfic writer
  • LL = leonidaslion, a fan and fanfic writer
  • S/D and SD = Sam/Dean
  • SDMB = Sam/Dean Minibang
  • YKW = You Know Who, thenyxie/nyxocity, a fan and fanfic writer