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Here shall be an epic glossary.


  • A2 = Adam Milligan/Atropos [1]
  • Adam Milligan = Half-brother of Sam and Dean Winchester. (See: Adam Milligan)
  • Adam/Castiel [2]
  • All-Purpose Sam = A meme meme where all-purpose Sam can be used for all sorts of things. [3][4]
  • Anthrax!wank = Wank that arose from a report on how a fan or fans were planning to put a book together to give Jared at a con. One nonnie brought up anthrax as a potential danger in the scenario. [5][6]
  • Armbanging [7]
  • Art-Paper-Scissor = A comm with the same format as Salt-Burn-Porn, but for art instead of fic. [8]
  • Art Prompt Thread = A meme event with prompts and fills for art. (See: Art Prompt Thread)


  • Bela's deal breaks the worldbuilding = Wank on meme [9]
  • Best Jared Award = A meme meme where Jared can't even be the best at being Jared. [10]
  • Bibro = Fans who like Sam and Dean equally.
  • Big Bang = A challenge fest that specifically hooks up an author with an artist. The author writes a fic of a certain length, the fic is claimed by an artist, the artist makes art for the fic. SPN has quite a few, but the biggest is the SPN J2 Big Bang.
  • Big Bang support threads = Because nonnies sometimes need handholding when they're working on their Big Bangs or other fanworks. (See: Big Bang support threads)
  • Bingo = A meme event. (See: Bingo)
  • Blindfold = A time-restricted kink meme fest, the original version of which has been closed. (See: Blindfold)


  • Caslocking = Combination of Cas and capslocking, i.e. CAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. Some nonnies find it very annoying. [12]
  • Castiel blackmailed Jimmy = A wank on meme about the nature of consent and blackmail [13]
  • Castiel took the amulet only because he wanted a necklace/was collecting things = A meme on meme [14]
  • Chair!wank = Wank regarding episode 7.02 Hello, Cruel World, where Dean was interrogating Sam while Dean was standing up, and Sam sitting in a chair.[16][17][18]
  • Cloacas = Some nonnies postulate giving characters cloacas in fic. (See: Animal traits)
  • Cockles = Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles (See: Cockles)
  • Corkscrew penis = Ducks have them, and they're potentially interesting in fic. (See: Animal traits)


  • dean_sam = An lj community [19]
  • Debriel = Dean Winchester/Gabriel
  • Dean/Castiel is beastiality = Wank about the nature of consent and interspecies [20]
  • Dean's Grudge Diary = From nonnies' response to 8.06 Southern Comfort; Dean lists down Sam's big mistakes in a Grudge Diary.[22][23]
  • Death peen = If you're fucked by it, you die. Usually references are made to Sam's death peen.
  • Destiny = Dean Winchester/Castiel/Benny [27][28]


  • Eggnant = Pregnant with an egg [29][30]
  • EMW = Evil Michael Weatherly; a fannish trope where Michael Weatherly is an over-the-top villain in J2 RPF. [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36]
  • End of Post Random = At the end of each show/fandom post, there is a random thread. (See: End of Post Random)


  • Fallen King Syndrome = When a juggernaut pairing loses some of its usual territory. [37] [38]
  • Fandom at the Crossroads = An academic book by the Fangasm women. [39]
  • FF = fleshflutter, an SPN fan and fic writer [40]
  • Furniture!Jared = A meme on meme about the objectification of Jared by treating him as furniture.
  • Furniture!Sam = A meme on meme about the objectification of Sam by treating him as furniture.
  • Futile pumpkins = A meme catchphrase, originated from a captcha that a nonnie got while on spnpermanon.


  • Genevieve minibang = A theoretical fanworks fest proposed on meme to focus on Genevieve.[41][42]


  • Hair wank = Wank back on spnpermanon about the color of Dean's hair. Made fandom_wank. [43] [44]
  • Hoodie Time = A comm for Dean h/c.[45]



  • Jared quotes the internet to Gen = A meme meme.[48][49]
  • J2 = Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
  • J2 Ever After = A fic and art fest for J2 Disney fusions.[50]
  • J2M = Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins [51]
  • J3 = Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki [52]
  • JDM/Jared = Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared Padalecki [53]
  • JDM/Jensen = Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles (See: JDM/Jensen)


  • k_a = kitty_alex
  • Kevin Tran = A character, (former) Advanced Placement, Prophet of the Lord. (See: Kevin Tran)
  • kitty_alex = An SPN fan and fic writer, mostly D/C. Has since deleted, but was previously known for her crackalicious concepts in fic. Her 2010 Big Bang thread is remembered fondly by some nonnies. [54]
  • kittyfic = Fic written by kitty_alex.
  • Knotting = A fic trope that involves dicks with knots, based on canine dicks. (See: Animal traits)


  • l_d = lazy_daze
  • lazy_daze = an SPN fan and fic writer[55][56]
  • limp!Sam = woobie!Sam
  • limpies = fans of woobie!Sam
  • Little Women derailing = The practice of posting snippets from the book Little Women with SPN characters. Done in troll-ish threads by one nonnie who posts the snippets in chronological order. (See: Little Women)
  • ll/LL = leonidaslion, an SPN fan and fic writer[57]


  • Mishaland = A crack lj community for Misha Collins [63]
  • Mishalecki = Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki (See: Mishalecki)
  • Mishavievalecki = Misha Collins/Genevieve Cortese/Jared Padalecki [64]
  • MSP = MS Paint [66]


  • nu!Bonesy = Name that nonnies gave Sam's Season 8 dog.[67][68]


  • Psychic cock = Mishalecki phenomena on meme.[69][70]


  • Rec-hymenated = A Dean/Castiel rec community on LJ.[71]
  • Recs = Recommendations. Meme gives them sometimes. (See: Recs)
  • Reverse (Big) Bang = Like a Big Bang, except the art comes first and is claimed by writers. (See: SPN Reverse Bang)
  • Revolution = A new TV series by Eric Kripke. [72]
  • Rewatch threads = Like episode threads, but for reruns.


  • S/D = Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester (See: Wincest)
  • Salt-Burn-Porn = A fic challenge comm where authors sign-up and have 24 hours to write a porn fic when they're tagged.
  • Sam and Dean anon meme = A spin-off anon meme meme that's only for Sam and Dean. (See: Sam and Dean anon meme)
  • Sam/Charlie = Sam Winchester/Charlie Bradbury [74]
  • Sam/Dean = Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester (See: Wincest)
  • Sam/Gabriel = Sam Winchester/Gabriel (See: Sam/Gabriel)
  • Sassy = Sam Winchester/Castiel. (See: Sassy)
  • Sassy Minibang = A minibang fest for the Sassy pairing. (See: Sassy#Minibang)
  • Science threads = Nonnies ask questions, nonnies give answers. (See: Science threads)
  • Sentient Peen = Meme meme where Sam has a sentient peen.[78][79]
  • Sharp Teeth = A panfannish/multi-fannish horror fic fest.[80][81] [82]
  • Shazam
  • Skydiving = Sam's off-screen activity of choice in Dean/Castiel fic, originated from a fandom secret.
  • Sodium!nonnie = A nonnie/nonnies with a supposedly distinct style that replies to themselves and marks their comments with "Na".[83]
  • Soulcum = What you get when you soulfist someone?[84]
  • Soulfisting = From 6.07 Family Matters, where Castiel stuck his fist in Sam's chest to search for his soul. (See: Soulfisting)
  • Spidercock = From a fic by vambrace.[85]
  • SPN J2 Big Bang = SPN's biggest Big Bang fest, founded in 2007. (See: SPN J2 Big Bang)
  • Stephanie Ware-Ackles = A fan of Jensen Ackles who believes she's married to him. This has been going on for years. [86] [87]
  • SuperWho = A collective fannish phenomena of crossing over SPN with Doctor Who, that originated and is supported by photosets on tumblr. Generated a Big Bang.


  • Taller person must top = A fannish belief/desire that the taller person in a pairing must top, which sometimes makes things sad for tall people who want to bottom. [88] [89] [90] [91] [92] [93]
  • Team Free Will = A term borrowed from 5.13 The Song Remains the Same. Either refers to Dean, Sam and Cas, or fans of Dean, Sam and Cas.
  • Team Free Love = A variation on Team Free Will, which refers to Dean, Sam, Cas and Gabriel.[94]
  • TFW = Tean Free Will.
  • thenyxie = An SPN fan and fic writer, was involved in a huge wank previously on Spermy [95][96]
  • Tumblr = A blogging platform. (See: Tumblr)


  • Unfortunately, Jensen has fallen off a cliff[97]


  • Whimsy Week = Party threads, originated on Spermy.[98]
  • Wincest = Mostly Sam/Dean, but other types of Winchester incest, too. (See: Wincest)
  • Wincest-adjacent = Sam and Dean doing things that are too close to be normal but doesn't quite turn into incest [99] [100]
  • Wincestiel = Sam/Dean/Castiel
  • Wincestiel Bang = A Big Bang for Wincestiel [101]
  • Windmillcest = Tangent from Winmilcest (Wincest + Milligan) [102]
  • WTK = Woobie Therapy Kitten, a meme on meme about a woobie therapy kitten for the woobies [104]