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FD threads for RPF Big Bang works.


  • Discussion of phantisma's practice of locking their fic: Six Inches of Air [J2, NC17] by phantisma, art by inanna_maat


  • Modern Love [Jared/Jensen, NC17] by sonofabiscuit77, art by nanoks
  • Big Sky [J2, R] by zubeneschamali, art by nanoks


  • Dance Dance [Jensen/Lucifer, NC17] by theinsaneeraser, art by rainyrocket
  • Shades Of Grey [Richard Speight Jr./Misha Collins, R] by morganoconner, art by cassiopeia7
  • The Moon Is New [J2, Misha/Matt Cohen, NC17] by obstinatrix, art by inanna_maat


  • Beholder [J2, NC17] by sandymg, art by apieceofcake
  • Ludo Usum [Kradam, NC17] by blue_icy_rose, art by chosenfire28
  • Stamp of Fate [J2, NC17] by peppervl, art by surevesta and ryuutchi