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FD threads for the SPN Big Pretzel Exchange.


  • Discussion thread
    • Survey Says!" [Gen, PG13] by sylvia_locust, art by gryphon2k
    • Welcome to Fan Fic Land [Gen, PG13] by icklesoxy, art by annie46
    • Apple Pie Life [Gen, PG] by blackrabbit42, art by forhimxx
    • First Prize [Gen, PG13] by mamapranayama, art by lightthesparks
    • Up to the Old Inn Door [Gen, G] by sameuspegasus, art by forhimxx
    • A Day in the Life [Gen, PG13] by twisted_slinky, art by twisted_slinky
    • Tham Thucks at Thexy [Gen, PG] by saberivojo, art by forhimxx
    • Sweet Cherry Pie [Gen, K+] by dizzojay, art by nicole_sill
    • What I Did On My Summer Vacation [Gen, G] by boysinperil, art by dollysdoodles
    • Making The Best Of It [Sam/Dean, hard R] by verucasalt123, art by etoile_etiolee
    • Cream of Negotiation [Sam/Dean, R] by smalltrolven, art by lightthesparks
    • It's Murder but is it Art? [Gen] by candygramme, art by dizzojay
    • Dean and the Deathly Hallows [Gen, PG13] by lolaann1, art by candygramme
    • Death by Unicorn [Gen, PG] by tifaching, art by just_ruth
    • Fake It 'Til You're Naked [Gen, PG] by mandraco, art by lylithj2
    • Hen Houses Of The Holy [Gen, PG13] by cuddyclothes, art by etoile_etiolee
    • Lebanon, KS, Population: 364 [Gen, PG] by antrazi, art by twisted_slinky
    • Insect Repellent [Gen, PG13] by licklesoxy, art by patriciatepes
    • Peace in The Woods [Gen, PG] by vexed_wench, art by weesta
    • The Old and The Restless [Gen, PG] by auntmo9 and tari_roo, art by licklesoxy
    • It’s A Kind Of Magic [Gen] by tattooeddevil
    • We Might Die… So, Movie Night [Gen, PG13] by patriciatepes, art by lylithj2
    • What The World Needs Now [Gen, PG13] by gryphon2k, art by mamapranayama
    • Touchstone [Gen, G] by yanyann, art by mandraco