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The FD threads of the SPN Cinema Round 3 (2012) challenge.

Week 1: May 1 to 4[edit]

  • Fic: As You Please [Gen, PG] by 9_of_clubs, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Week 2: May 7 to 11[edit]

  • Art: Nighthawks [Jensen, Misha, G] by wataru_kisugi, Nighthawks

Week 3: May 14 to 18[edit]

  • Art: Blue Tiger [J2, NSFW] art by millaje, Blue Tiger
  • Fic: Equinox [Dean/Castiel, R] by bree_black, Twilight
  • Art: Orphans [Gen, G] art by sagetan, A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Podfic: Dark Night [J2, NC17] by ladyrhyanne, fic by crynintherain, From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Fic: Last Of The Breed [Gen, background Dean/Lisa, PG] by ramblin_rosie, The Shootist

Week 4: May 21 to 25[edit]

  • Podfic: Mr. Congeniality [Sam/Dean, PG13] podfic by heard_the_owl, fic by rivers_bend & dreamlittleyo, Miss Congeniality

Week 5: May 28 to June 1[edit]

  • Fic & Art: Now Sleeps the Swan [girl!Sam/Dean, NC17] by cherie_morte, art by ordinaryink, The Swan Princess