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The FD threads of the SPN Cinema Round 4 (2013) challenge.

Week 1: May 1 to 3[edit]

  • Art: Imaginary Infatuation [Jensen/Danneel/Jeff, G for art, R for polymary] by beelikej, Les Amours Imaginaires
  • Fic & Art: In And Out Of Weeks [Sam/Dean, PG] by glovered, art by lightthesparks, Where the Wild Things are

Week 2: May 6 to 10[edit]

Week 3: May 13 to 17[edit]

  • Fic & Art: Paul [Gen, PG13] by selecasharp, art by lightthesparks

Week 4: May 20 to 24[edit]

  • Fic & Art: Light [J2, NC17] by justawriter, art by tebtosca
  • Fic & Art: The Farrago Society [J2, PG13] by firesign10, art by cassiopeia7, The Breakfast Club

Week 5: May 27 to 31[edit]

  • Fic & Art: Xenophobia [Gen, PG13] by selecasharp and pixymisa, art by lightthesparks, Alien
  • Fic: Sesqui-wha?? [Gen, R] by sylvia_locust, Two Thousand Maniacs!