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FD threads for the SPN Crossover Big Bang 2013.


  • Life Changes [Gen, Mature] by amanofmydreams, art by sarah_jones, SPN/Stargate
  • Don't Let Me Go [Dean/Wesley, NC17] by disturbinglynic, art by viviantanner, SPN/Star Trek TNG
  • Blood Runes [Sam/Ruby, Haplo/Marit] by zelda_addict, art by aragorn, SPN/Death Gate Cycle
  • Souls of the Forgotten [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Tony] by backrose_17, art by viviantanner, SPN/Torchwood/Avengers/Doctor Who
  • Let This River Flow [Dean/Castiel, John/Sherlock, NC17] by twisting_vine_x, art by finnickodair, SPN/Sherlock