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FD threads of the SPN Illuminated challenge.

Round 2: 2012[edit]

  • Bad Religion [Demon!Dean/Sam, NC17] by nanoke, fic by dark_shadow85
  • Brother Mine [gen, PG13] fic by etrix, art by tattooeddevil
  • Masks We Wear [J2, JDM/Jared, NC17] by imogen_lily, fic by wincest_whore

Round 1: 2012[edit]

  • Night Of The Hunter [Gen, Jo/Gordon (flirting only), PG13] by wallmakerrelict, fic by gryphon2k
  • Stripped [Gen, PG] by mamapranayama, fic by jennytork
  • Frames [J2, R] by divendfly, fic by morrezela
  • The Diary [J2, PG13] by bflyw, fic by moviegeek03
  • Brothers [Gen, R] by beckalooby, fic by ladyoneill
  • Tabula Rasa [J2, NC17] by petite_madame, fic by obstinatrix
  • Blade Master [Dean/OMC, Sam/Dean, NC17] by nanoks, fic by dont_hate_me01
  • Cold Comfort [Gen, PG13] by quickreaver, fic by dark_shadow85
  • Incurable [Sam/Dean, NC17] by apieceofcake, fic by dolnmoon
  • Before [J2, R] by apieceofcake, fic by sandymg
  • Blood Reign [J2, NC17] by denig37, fic by wincest_whore
  • Catch [Castiel/Dean, Potential Sam/Dean, PG] by sonten, fic by ennyousai