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The SPN J2 Big Bang is the largest Big Bang of the SPN fandom. On meme it's sometimes referred to as the main BB.

The fanlore article's more comprehensive.

General threads[edit]


  • The BB's too damn big: untitled, January 9, 2010, Post #1
  • Complaint about the comm icons: barf, January 11, 2010, Post #1


  • BB starts this week!, June 3, 2012, Post #81
    • Discussions of Relax, It's Just Sex and usernames affecting perception of fic quality.
  • What are you looking forward to? Overall BB, June 4, 2012, Post #81
  • Whyyyyyy..., June 9, 2012, Post #81
    • alwayseven, J2 and favoritism