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FD threads for SPN J2 Big Bang 2011 works.

Week 1: June 6 to 10[edit]

  • Winter [Sam/Dean, R] by destina, art by culper355
  • In This Twilight [non-wincest Sam/Dean, NC17] by make5hift_wings, art by angelicfoodcake
  • Incarnation [Het Dean/OC, R] by cat2000, art by amber1960
  • Shadowland [J2, NC17] by aelia1980, art by nox_wicked
  • Stockholm [J2, NC17] by kenda1l, art by zaipixie

Week 2: June 13 to 17[edit]

  • Hiroshima Love [J2, NC17] by mystik_ivanow/pandora1884, art by peach_gurl
  • Pages Turn [J2, NC17] by theron09, art by tinkabell007
  • Hell House [Sam/Gabriel, R] by narukyu, art by ixcacao

Week 3: June 20 to 24[edit]

  • Scav Hunt [J2, R] by zuben_eschamali, art by little_jade
  • Rumsey Hall [Sam/Dean, NC17] by germanjj, art by dark_roast
  • Airborne [J2, NC17] by insane_songbird, art by labluekatt1721
  • jRobot [J2, NC17] by sandymg, art by sillie82
  • Violently [Sam/Dean, R] by hunters_retreat, art by letoist
  • Listen [J2, NC17] by lasvegas_lights, art by kros_21
  • Static [Sam/Dean, R/NC17] by glasslogic, art by ely_wa

Week 4: June 27 to July 1[edit]

  • Milestones [Sam/Dean, NC17] by locknkey, art by dreamingauthor
  • Ouroboros [Gen, PG] by gedry, art by counteragent
  • Psych 101 [Sam/Dean, NC17] by katiebugs18, art by tringic
  • Treasure [Sam/Dean, NC17] by sonofabiscuit77, art by daggomus_prime
  • Refringere [Sam/Dean, Michael/Lucifer, PG13] by ennyousai, art by kickbackrocket
  • Sam [Dean/2014!Dean, NC17] by redrum669, art by gicee
  • Devil Man [Gen, PG13) by geckoholic, art by attempt_unique
  • Walkabout [Sam/Dean/Jess, NC17] by pixymisa, art by lightthesparks

Week 5: July 4 to 8[edit]

  • Springboard Helix [Jensen/Misha, Jared/Genevieve, NC17] by paleogymnast, art by votaku
  • $97 Short [Sam/Dean, NC17] by selecasharp, art by gold_bluepoint
  • Siren Song [Sam/Dean, NC17] by killabeez, art by marciaelena

Week 6: July 11 to 15[edit]

  • Pandora's Box [Jared/Jensen, NC17] by ratherastory, art by yunho
  • Love Hurts [Sam/Dean, NC17] by heatherofnight, art by smalfoyblack
  • Cambion [Gen, R] by thegeminisage, art by themadramblings
  • In Knowing [Sam/Dean, NC17] by yahnknshadows, art by jennybliss
  • Explosions [Jensen/Misha, PG13] by travischurch00, art by quoth_the
  • Misspelled [J2, Chris/Steve, PG13/mild R] by cala_jane, art by thehighwaywoman
  • Stained Scarlet [Anna/Castiel, R/NC17] by casper_san, art by 79chevyimpala
  • Muted Light [Gen, R] by zanzou_chan, art by ileliberte

Week 7: July 18 to 22[edit]

Week 8: July 25 to 29[edit]

  • Flying Weight [Sam/Dean, NC17] by fleshflutter, art by ordinarily

Week 9: August 1 to 5[edit]

  • Tir Na Nog [Dean/Lisa, R] by bellatemple, art by 79chevyimpala
  • Life In Motion [J2, NC17] by the_dark_fire and mojo_jackles, art by celeste_abel
  • Borderline [Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC, NC17] by lesson_in_love, art by tvivel
  • No Codename [J2, PG13] by clex_monkie89, art by infinity_812
  • Apocrypha [Gen, R] by sophiap, art by zestyzorra
  • Hewitched [J2, R] by lizzywinks, art by tringic

Week 10: August 8 to 12[edit]

  • Going Under [J2, NC17] by letsgetstarted, art by thruterryseyes
  • Remnants [J2, R] by redsirenfiction, art by melissos
  • In Eridu [Dean/Castiel, R] by takadainmate, art by __hibiscus
  • Unrelated [John/Dean, NC17] by john_n_dean, art by beelikej
  • True Night [J2, R] by frostian, art by thruterryseyes
  • In The Mood [J2, NC17] by dr_ducktator, art by zimshan
  • Among The Wreck [Dean/Castiel, Dean/Jimmy, NC17] by lady_deathangel, art by moodilylit
  • The Crimson Prince [Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Meg, Dean/Alistair, R] by caz2y5, art by alwaysawkward
  • The Piper [Sam/Dean, R] by gretazreta, art by sagetan