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FD threads for SPN J2 Big Bang 2012 works.

Week 1: June 6 to 8[edit]

  • Close Your Eyes [Sam/Dean, NC17] by sonofabiscuit77, art by electricmonk333

Week 2: June 11 to 15[edit]

  • Deception [J2, NC17 by ladyrhyanne, art by hobnailedboots
  • Tear A Way In [Dean/Castiel, R] by lady_deathangel, art by xarenna

Week 3: June 18 to 22[edit]

  • Palladium [J2, NC17] by zuben_eschamali, art by nox_wicked
  • Midnight [J2, NC17] by annie46, art by amtamburo

Week 4: June 25 to 29[edit]

  • Elsinore [J2, NC17] by ju4jen, art by cassiopeia7
  • Monster [Gen, PG13] by foolsdance, art by counteragent
  • In His Deceit [Sam/Dean, NC17] by placeofinsanity, art by pixymisa

Week 5: July 2 to 6[edit]

  • A Prayer for Fire [Castiel/Anna, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, Dean/Ruby, R] by twoskeletons and zempasuchii, art by reliand
  • War heroes [Dean/Lisa, Dean/Castiel, R] by creepylicious, art by dosymedia
  • 1/1,095 Days [Jared/Jensen, NC17] by mia6363, art by eyestoowide
  • Helix Continuum [Jensen/Misha, NC17] by paleogymnast, art by off_the_post18

Week 6: July 9 to 13[edit]

  • Long Overdue [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by hippivickyx, art by space_zombies
  • Circus Arcana [J2, Adult] by bloody-adorable & eviltwin, art by albalonga99

Week 7: July 16 to 19[edit]

  • Angel Care [Gabriel/Balthazar, Dean/Sam, Dean/Sam/Cas, PG-R] by princess_aleera, art by fight_bears

Week 8: July 22 to 26[edit]

  • Only Human [Gen, R] by thegeminisage, art by kymericl
  • Hear Both Sides [Gabriel/Sam/Crowley, NC17] by meh_forget_it, art by chef_geekier
  • Soul's Weight [Sam/Dean, NC17] by smalltrolven, art by culper355
  • Inclusions [J2, R] by electricalgwen, art by ladytiferet

Week 9: July 29 to August 2[edit]

  • Crushing Grip [Sam/Dean, R] by teaboytoaliens, art by marciaelena
  • Storm Front [Gen, PG13] by leisa_phoenix, art by alchemise
  • Sharp Teeth [J2, NC17] by meus_venator, art by inanna_maat
  • Missing Jared [Jeff/Jensen, past J2, NC17] by rankwriter, art by catrinalia
  • LEVIATHAN [Sam/Dean, R] by revenant_scribe, art by chosenfire28

Week 10: August 5 to 9[edit]

  • Swing [J2, NC17] by callaw0lf, art by evian_fork
  • Days Behind [J2, M] by tardistenantsue, art by staticsintheair
  • The Unseen [Sam/Dean, R] by undrsomestairs, art by mizzy2k
  • Sanctuary [Hints of Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, past Castiel/Jess] by comedicdrama, art by dazedrose