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The FD threads of the SPN J2 Big Bang 2014 challenge.

Week 1: June 9 to 13[edit]

  • Plot Holes [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by saltysfeathers/positivewingnosmoke, art by slytheringurrl

Week 2: June 16 to 20[edit]

  • Run Like Hell [Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner, NC17] by chiiyo86, art by kiki_miserychic
  • Vertigo [J2, NC17] by namichan89, art by siennavie
  • Garbage [J2, NC17] by oobydooby67 aka Compo67, art by tebtosca
  • In Between [RPF Gen, R] by soncnica, art by blythechild
  • Hollow [Gen, PG] by liyah_ayerst, art by m14mouse

Week 3: June 23 to 27[edit]

  • Roads [Sam/Dean, NC17] by sonofabiscuit77, art by clex_monkie89
  • Island Wedding [Sam/Dean, other ships, R] by crowleysfoliage, art by uh_tiramisu

Week 4: June 30 to July 3[edit]

  • Tails [J2, NC17] by keep_waking_up, art by dulcetine
  • Fancy That [J2, NC17] by kelleigh, art by littlepistolscackling_madly
  • Envy [Sam/Dean, NC17] by junkerin, art by Lylithj2

Week 5: July 7 to 11[edit]

  • Fractured [J2, NC17] by rankwriter, art by moonyj4m

Week 6: July 14 to 18[edit]

  • Sideline [J2, NC17] by mrs_robinson123, art by tigermaus
  • The Zoo [Sam/Kevin, NC17] by dachinchilla, art by disreputabled0g
  • Walk Away [J2, NC17] by ju4jen, art by evian_fork
  • Casket Boy [J2, NC17] by siriala, art by bumerbmw
  • Wake [Sam/Dean, R] by minchout, art by chickcheney

Week 7: July 21 to 25[edit]

  • H-Day [SPN Gen, R] by Nate Winchester, art by neigeausoleil
  • Waxing Moon [J2, Genevieve/Danneel, NC17] by maaldas, art by mizzy2k
  • Number Six [J2, NC17] by paper_storm88, art by mashimero

Week 8: July 28 to August 1[edit]

  • Dead Gods [SPN Gen, R] by wonderfulwrites, art by jkivela
  • Flight Risk [J2, NC17] by twoboys2love, art by blondebitz
  • The Partisan [Sam/Dean, Explicit] by nigeltde, art by yanyann
  • Dragon Kin [J2, NC17] by cleflink, art by washedstone
  • Shattered [Sam/Dean, NC17] by slf630, art by blythechild
  • The Thaw [J2, NC17] by meus_venator, art by inanna_maat
  • Requiem [Sam/Dean, NC17] by glasslogic, art by ameraleigh

Week 9: August 4 to 8[edit]

  • Blank Slate [Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jody, R] by tamryneradani_2 & clotpolelis, art by eaksoy
  • Dragonborne [Sam/Dean, NC17] by pixymisa, art by uh_tiramisu
  • Absolution [J2, NC17] by candygramme & spoonlessone, art by fanlay

Week 10: August 11 to 15[edit]

  • Dry Salvages [SPN gen, R] by kalliel, art by blueteainfusion
  • Luna de Miel [Sam/Dean, NC17] by afattribble, art by disreputabled0g
  • Be My Baby [J2, Explicit] by edzeddiebear, art by padacocking