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FD threads for the SPN J2 Secret Santa exchange 2012.

SPN J2 Xmas Threads[edit]

SPN Xmas Threads[edit]

  • Cousins [J2] by etoile_etiolee for saltandbyrne
  • Angel Mine [Sam/Dean, NC17] by blackrabbit42, art by bflyw for the_miss_lv
  • Time To Pretend [J2, mentions of Jared/OMC & Jensen/OMC, NC17] by saltandbyrne for moxay
  • Marbles [J2, NC17] by daddy_kink for jjia912
  • Love Me [J2, NC17] by proserpine_1982 for daddy_kink
  • Learning To Be [Sam/Dean, Explicit] by the_miss_lv, gift for wednesday_d