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FD threads for the SPN Kinky Bang.

Round 2: 2012[edit]

  • By Any Other Name [Jensen/Richard (non-romantic), NC17] by rpssock, art by xdarlingnickyx
  • Whoever I Am [J2, NC17] by spiders_stars, art by iluvkinkythings
  • No Limits [J2, R some NC17] by hannahbellejude, art by nicole_sill

Round 1: 2012[edit]

  • The Second Wife [John/Girl!Dean, NC17] by darth_firefly, art by dirtysockqueen
  • Beautiful [Dean/OMC, NC17] by liliaeth, art by reapertownusa
  • Imprint[Jensen/Harley, NC17] by tealight_b, art by dirtysockqueen