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FD threads for the SPN Reverse Big Bang 2011 threads.

Week 1: November 7 to 11[edit]

  • Crash [J2 preslash, R] by bflyw, fic by bunnymaccool
  • The Door [Gen, NC17] by sailorhathor, fic by ladyoneill
  • Salt And Burn [Dean/Castiel, R] by cybel, fic [the detonation of your words, the connotation of your affection] by tasogareika
  • Love And War [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by caz2y5, fic by iantosgal
  • Sacrosanct [J2, G] by trueshellz, fic by slartibartfast
  • Brothers In Arms [Sam/Dean, G] by lightthesparks, fic [Semper Fi – Brothers In Arms] by storyspinner70
  • Dudley [Gen, PG13] by petite_madame, fic by afg1
  • Modern Thinker [J2, NC17] by amindaya, fic [They're Advertising in the Skies (For People Like Us)] by zubeneschamali
  • Your Ghost [Sam & Dean, R] by reliand, fic [Don't Know if I'm Comin' or Goin'] by write_light
  • Roleplay [Sam/Dean, Steve Basic/Dean, PG13] by teniboha, fic [Seriously] by glovered
  • This Old Place [Dean/Victor, Adult] by chaosraven, fic [The Day in the Palm of our Hands] by tabaqui
  • Hell Raisers [J2, R] by nanoks, fic [In The Face Of Danger] by zenamydog

Week 2: November 14 to 18[edit]

  • Steampunk [Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane] by deannawesson, fic by bauble
  • This is Us [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by nanyakanya, fic by thunder_nari
  • Ghost Riders [Gen, PG13] by viviantanner, fic [Crossroads] by faithburke
  • On The Job [Gen, PG] by midnightheir, fic [In Scales of Grey] by liliaeth
  • Queen of Heaven [Castiel/Meg, unrequited Dean/Castiel, NC17] by craww, fic by xpnkitty
  • With Dragons [Dean/Castiel Sam/Anna, PG] by bellatemple, fic [Dean Winchester and the Temple of Enoch] by raths_kitten
  • Love, Sex, Magic [Sam/Dean, Sam/OFC, NC17] by tringic, fic [The Strangest Things Can Happen] by lazy_daze
  • Under the Sea [Gen, background het, PG] by sailorstarshine, fic by autumn_lilacs
  • PADALION-O! [Jared/Misha/Jensen, NC17] by heard_the_owl, fic [New Moon] by gedry
  • The Ghost [J2, NC17] by ladytiferet, fic by hunters_retreat
  • Crash Into Me [Dean/Castiel pre-slash, PG13] by artmetica, fic [Worlds Apart, But Still So Close] by morganoconner
  • Bloodbuzz [Gen, R] by quickreaver, fic [All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty] by monicawoe
  • We were together [Michael/Lucifer, past Lucifer/Gabriel, PG13] by dark_princess17, fic [The Consequence] by entropy_maximum
  • Quality Time [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by salty_catfish, fic [Until You Wake Up] by demonic_fish

Week 3: November 21 to 25[edit]

  • Superblood [Sam/Alcide, Dean/Eric, NC17] by 79chevyimpala, fic by verucasalt123
  • ake Two [Gen, PG13] by farfadine, fic by crazybeagle
  • Inhuman [J2, NC17] by ysbail, fic [Ritual Sacrifice] by vambrace
  • Outlaws [Gen, PG13] by alwaysawkward, fic by metallikirk
  • Kudzu [Sam/Dean, NC17] by gnatkip, fic [The Sound Of Silence] by atanih88
  • Easy Rider [robo!Sam/OMC, PG] by lamapan, fic by twenty_rooks
  • Hey Jude [John/Mary, Gen, PG13] by mithborien, fic [Stone Road To Jericho] by tesserae_
  • Another Way [Gen, PG13] by rumrouz, fic [The Heaviness Settles In] by race_the_ace
  • Ghost Light [Gen, Teen] by amber1960, fic by bad_peppermint
  • No Small Dream [Dean/Castiel, R] by medicatedmaniac, fic by baba_o_reily
  • Claim [Sam/Dean, NC17] by asmadaima, fic [All The Way And Without Warning] by lavishsqualor

Week 4: November 28 to December 2[edit]

  • Cybernetic Angel [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by xsilverdreamsx, fic [In A Different Light] by deanawinchester
  • Road Trip [Dean/Castiel, PG] by dusk_light, fic [Slow The Rain] by lizzstomania
  • A Conviction of Angels [mild Dean/Castiel and Sam/Jess, PG13] by affablyevil, fic [Another Radio Song] by wanderamaranth
  • Frat Party [Dean/Cassie, PG13] by shichiloaf, fic [Solo Cups (Silver Linings)] by claudiapriscus
  • Final Stand [Sam/Dean, NC17] by adrenalineshots, fic [Gods of the Arena] by delanach
  • In Dreams [Dean/Alastair, Sam/Jess, NC17] by reapertownusa, fic [What Is And What Should Never Be] by tattooeddevil

Week 5: December 5 to 9[edit]

  • Closing Time [Jensen/Jared, Jensen/OMC, R] by apieceofcake, fic [Improvise] by i_o_r_h_a_e_l
  • Trinity [Castiel, Kali, Death, PG13] by serenada_art, fic [Last Rites] by sophiap
  • Puppy Love [implied future Sam/Ruby, PG] by eyestoowide, fic by chef_geekier
  • Damages [Jared/Jensen, Jared/OFC, NC17] by expectative, fic [The Long Seduction] by sonofabiscuit77
  • Indelible Ink [Sam/Dean, NC17] by deadflowers5, fic [it is only with the heart that one can see rightly] by insertcode11
  • FrankenSam [Sam/Lucifer, R] by amber1960, fic [In Your Shadow (I am reborn)] by emmram
  • Aces [J2, R] by xsilverdreamsx, fic by strangeallure
  • How I See You [Sam/Dean, NC17] by nanoks, fic by anyothergirl415
  • Dark, Tears, Love [J2, NC17] by artylicious94, fic [Waiting On An Open Door] by bewaretheides15
  • Family Feud [Sam/Gabriel, PG13] by rubystandish, fic by theblackrose16
  • Midnight [J2, R] by trueshellz, fic [Crashing Hard Against The Rocks] by puchuupoet
  • Midnight Call [Jo/?, Dean/Castiel, R] by casper_san, fic [Trapped In The Amber] by kijikun
  • This Is War [J2, NC17] by bumerbmw, fic [Believe In Nothing But] by sparseparsley
  • At The Fair [J2, adult] by sagetan, fic [Tilt-a-Whirl] by drvsilla
  • Back Alley Prowlers [Sam/Dean, NC17] by lightthesparks, fic [Oceans Away From Who We Are] by geckoholic
  • Soon To Be Dust [Michael/Lucifer, Sam/Dean, minor Michael/Dean, R] by mashimero, fic by menel

Week 6: December 12 to 16[edit]

  • Cyber Town [J2, PG13] by deannawesson, fic by gretazreta
  • Elven Woods [J2, NC17] by ldyghst, fic [Where You Came From] by earthquakedream

Late posting[edit]

  • We Are All That Remains [Gen, T] by moodilylit, fic [There is truth in your lies (and doubt in your faith)] by lucifer999