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FD threads for the SPN Reverse Big Bang 2012 threads.

Week 1: November 7 to 9[edit]

  • Castle Of Glass [Jared/Jensen, hard R] by apieceofcake, fic by tattooeddevil
  • Bad Hair Day [JDM/Jared, R] by tdorian, fic [Bad Hair Day (please come and save me)] by painted_pain
  • Vietti [J2, NC17] by bumerbmw, fic by lexophilia
  • Best Interests [Castiel/Lucifer, PG] by chef_geekier, fic by jonjokeat
  • Red [Sam/Dean, NC17] by glasslogic, fic [If the dam breaks open many years too soon] by deirdre_c
  • The Cage [Gen, PG13] by amber1960, fic by reapertownusa
  • Carny [Sam/Dean, NC17] by cybel, fic [Hub and Spokes] by girlguidejones

Week 2: November 12 to 16[edit]

  • Handcuffed [Sam/Dean, NC17] by alice_and_emma, fic: For With The Heart by sowell
  • Trapped [J2, Mature] by inanna_maat, fic by mikopony
  • MMMorgan's [JDM/Jensen, NC17] by beelikej, fic: Bake & Shake by bertee
  • Happily Ever After [Sam/Dean, PG13] by lightthesparks, fic: Roads Untravelled by dream_mancer
  • Guardian Gabriel [Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, NC17] by seleneheart, fic: Angel at the End of Time by natt
  • Ackles' Adventure [J2, NC17] by expectative, fic: The Obsidian Knife by zubeneschamali
  • The Late Goodbye [background Kali/Gabriel, PG13] by viviantanner, fic by patriciatepes
  • Morning's Catch [J2, R] by lamapan, fic: Recipe for a Successful Relationship by broompeople
  • CRASH [Jensen/JDM, PG13] by embroiderama, fic by marchia43
  • Central Park [J2, PG13] by amindaya, fic: So Wisely and So Well by harwhon
  • The Test [Gen, PG13] by tiggeratl1, fic by jasmineisland
  • Little Mermaid [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by terrorinyertub, fic: A Merman's Tail by remivel
  • Toward the Light [J2, PG] by candygramme, fic: A Series of Images by nightrider101

Week 3: November 19 to 23[edit]

  • Ignorance Is Bliss [Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Alona/Misha, NC17] by sailorhathor, fic: I Want To Call You Mine by wine_into_water
  • Possession [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by ammo, fic by misachan
  • Heart's Ease [Sam/Castiel, R] by scarletscarlet, fic: The Stolen Man by lies_unfurl
  • When It Rains [Dean/Castiel, R] by pro_kira, fic: When It Rains It Pours by moonbeamdancer
  • Gateway [Sam/Dean, R] by millaje, fic: The Price by selecasharp
  • Vision [Gen, PG13] by liliaeth, fic: A Monster in the Dark by twisted_slinky
  • PACK [J2, NC17] by ldyghst, fic: THE CHANCES WE TAKE by sepherim_ml
  • Indecision [Gen, PG13] by holy_wings, fic: Choose a Path That's Clear by grasshopr_molly
  • Burnt But Loved [Gen, PG13] by lidoshka, fic: High School is Hell (When Your Face Doesn't Fit) by sw0rdy
  • Bathroom [Dean/Sam, NC17] by deadflowers5, fic: The Bride in the Bath by annie46
  • The Feel of Your Name [Gen, PG13] by tdorian, fic: Sound of Your Heart Under Your Skin by stripysockette

Week 4: November 26 to 30[edit]

  • Doorways [Gen, PG13] by crimsontoad, fic: through a glass, darkly by lyryk
  • SPACE [Sam/Jess, vague Sam/Dean, PG13] by glasslogic, fic: Silver Apples of the Moon, Part 1: A Fire in My Head by cordelia_gray
  • Full Circle [Sam/Dean, NC17] by machidieles, fic: Shell Game by rivkat
  • Rome's Wolf [Sam/Dean, R] by amber1960, fic by fanshae
  • Mine And No Other [Sam/Dean, NC17] by bt_kady, fic: My Lungs Ache Filled With Water by paula_lirio
  • Cloud Nine [J2, PG13] by beelikej, fic: How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top by the_milky_way
  • Long Way Home [Jensen/Jared/Genevieve, NC17] by onceuponarhi, fic by snickfic
  • Lonely I Trust [Gen, R] by seleneheart, fic: Phantom Pain by strangeallure
  • Heaven's Trail [Dean/Castiel, PG13] by usarechan, fic: Beautiful Things Seen by the Astronauts by elfladyarwen
  • Binary Stars [Gwen/Rachel, implied Dean/Cas, hard R] by 888mph, fic by bubbly_basmati
  • Shadow [Sam/Jess, NC17] by crimsontoad, fic: Not Myself You See by sistabro
  • Dohvakin [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by caz2y5, fic: Dragonborn by i_bleed_magenta
  • Rewind [J2, NC17] by smallworld_inc, fic: As I Lay Dying by namichan89
  • Kettle [Gen, PG13] by gnatkip, fic: Settle Out And Fade Away by geckoholic
  • Betrothed [Dean/Castiel, PG14] by artmetica, fic: The Sky was meant for Birds by hippivickyx
  • Creeping Curse [Sam/Dean, NC17] by eleke, fic: An Old Acquaintance Among the Pines by hybridshade
  • Vantage Point [Dean/Castiel, R] by artmetica, fic: Breathe by fine_feathered
  • Blush [Dean/Castiel, PG] by xlostloonax, fic: Big brother is watching you by moonliteknight
  • Invasion [Gen, R] by ileliberte, fic: Murmuration by rainylemons
  • A Warm Gun [Bela/Meg, Bela/Victor, NC17] by tringic, fic by saltandbyrne
  • Angel [Dean/Jo, PG13] by queenmidalah, fic: I Think I Dreamed You Into Life by enochiansigils

Week 5: December 3 to 7[edit]

  • Caught In The Act [J2, Jensen/OMC, NC17] by sillie82, fic: L'Mantellum by deans_mine
  • Under the Stars [Sam/Dean preslash, PG13] by pixymisa, fic: Cut Too Close and Dug Too Deep by lavishsqualor
  • Tail Spinning [Gen/pre-slash, PG13] by midnightheir, fic by atanih88
  • Magical Pet Shop AU [J2, PG13] by ordinaryink, fic: Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie by cherie_morte
  • Pink [J2, NC17] by gassadaa, fic: The Unexpected by tmn1966
  • Rough Riders [J2, NC17] by nanoks, fic: Slipstream by tipsy_kitty
  • Let's Fly Sam [Gen, R] by sammycolt24, fic: Fly Away Home by glasslogic
  • Pound of Flesh [Sam/Castiel, PG] by sagetan, fic: A Tree Swinging by inalasahl