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FD threads for SPN Reverse Big Bang 2014 works.

Week 1: Jan 15 to 17[edit]

  • Swap [J2, NC17] by beelikej, fic: A Mile In My Shoes, A Lifetime In My Head by firesign10
  • Furry Bastards [J2, NC17] by ladytiferet, fic: Laws of Attraction by akintay
  • Blinds [Sam/Dean, NC17] by selecasharp, fic: Love for Money by dolnmoon
  • Found & Lost! [Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17] by buttsexandwaffles, fic by tfw_ftw
  • Askew [Sam/Dean, R] by glasslogic, fic by verucasalt123
  • Labyrinth [Gen, PG13] by mosija, fic: One need not be a Chamber by cheesewithmy
  • Corrupt priest [Sam/Gabriel, PG] by nrwendt, fic: Shadow of Wings by riwanondruida
  • Mesmerize [Azazel!John/Dean, NC17] by weeping_ice, fic by tifaching
  • Bound [Gen, PG13] by twisted_slinky, fic by fiery_fox2

Week 2: Jan 20 to 24[edit]

  • Threat [Gen, R] by shayasar, fic: A Scorpion in the Fire by reapertownusa
  • Starry Night [Dean/Sam, hard R/slight NC17] by siennavie, fic: Blanket Confessions by hanyou_sensei
  • Football [J2, NC17] by bflyw, fic: Hustle & Heart by righteousbros
  • Caught in a Trap [Levi!Cas/Benny/Dean + Sam, NC17] by h4ppy_fun_b4ll, fic by dc_derringer
  • The Road [Gen, PG] by glasslogic, fic: Traders Wild by keslei
  • Prone [Gen, PG13] by nrwendt, fic: The (After)Life and Times of Gabriel, Archangel by raise_the_knife
  • Forest [Gen, PG] by a_starfish, fic: Ignorance is Bliss by cherry916
  • Clockwork Angel [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by otplaptopandme, fic: On Wings Of Steel by misachan
  • Sanctuary [Dean/Castiel, PG14] by felidraxian, fic: Needle in a Haystack by hippivickyx
  • Shattered [Gen, R] by M14MOUSE, fic: Bring Me Back To You by jasmineisland
  • Hound of God [Sam/Castiel, R] by tanzenlicht, fic: Not Quite a Handprint by slashluv18

Week 3: Jan 27 to 31[edit]

  • Glory of Kale [Misha/Jared, T/PG13] by kidezt, fic: The Trouble With Fairies by shinigami_yumi
  • Best in Show [J2, PG13] by wataru_kisugi, fic by raise_the_knife
  • Moonstruck [J2, Jensen/Harem, NC17] by angstpuppy, fic by maaldas
  • Morning After [Gen, PG13] by sagetan, fic: The Inside Man by balder12
  • A Much Deserved Break [Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17] by paxdracona, fic: We Are The Best Part Of Me by katstark
  • Her Boys [Gen, PG13] by twisted_slinky, fic: Times We Have Lost by brutti_ma_buoni
  • Cursed [Dean/Cas, PG13] by the_poette, fic: Cas-Go-Round by ljunattainable
  • Dragon Mommy [Gen, PG13] by lightthesparks, fic: Hic Sunt Dracones by zubeneschamali
  • My Brother King [Dean/Sam, NC17] by sammycolt24, fic: The Brother Kings by keep_waking_up
  • Crash [J2, heavy R] by dollarformyname, fic: Keep Two Eyes on the Sky by vorpalblades
  • Unexpected [Gen, Teen] by jennilah, fic: Smaller Than Expected by stormlyht
  • Hush [Gen, PG13] by tiny_antares, fic: Not to Conquer by geckoholic
  • "...Balls!" [Sam/Dean, NC17] by sillie82, fic: Between Scylla and Charybdis by cherie_morte
  • Ansible [J2, NC17] by fanlay, fic by blackrabbit42

Week 4: Feb 3 to 7[edit]

  • Seer/Hunter [J2, R-NC16] by evian_fork, fic: Two Sides of the Same Coin by obsidianromance
  • Back Away [Gen, PG13] by chef_geekier, fic: Spoils of War by dreamer1789
  • Target Acquired [Sam/Dean, NC17] by liliaeth, fic: Brother Kings by hunters_retreat
  • Hands On [Dean/Cas, R] by remivel, fic: Position of Authority by brightly_lit
  • End of the Road [Sam/Dean, Hard R] by mashimero, fic: We Must Surely Be Learning by abeautifullie3
  • Who's the bad guy? [J2, implied JDM/Jensen, R] by liliaeth, fic: Holograph by koulagirl666/raise_the_knife
  • Zodiac [Wincest, NC17] by glasslogic, fic: Never Finished Paying for My Ride by deannawincester
  • Misspelled [J2, PG] by angstpuppy, fic by cleflink
  • Aetos Dios
 [Dean/Sam, OMC/Sam, NC17] by amber1960, fic by keep_waking_up
  • Night Prowlers [Sam/Dean, R] by lightthesparks, fic: Indigo Dreams by hybridshade
  • Rush [J2, NC17] by siennavie, fic: Fortune Favors the Brave (and the Downright Insane) by kiltsocks
  • Like a Pathless Wood [Dean/Castiel pre-slash, T] by playthefool, fic by clay_roses (wanderamaranth)
  • Haunted [J2, NC17] by angstpuppy, fic: The Strange Affair Of The Ghost On Franklin Street by linvro21
  • Badlands [Dean/Castiel, NC17] by nrrrdy_grrrl, fic: A Road for Home by hymnaries
  • Pendulus vitae [Sam/Jess/Dean, NC17] by uh_tiramisu, fic by iluvkinkythings
  • Solitude [past Dean/Sam & Dean/Castiel, NC17] by karadin, fic by deansdirtybb

Week 5: Feb 10 to 14[edit]

  • Hungry [JDM/Jensen, NC17] by beelikej, fic by ashtraythief
  • Hush, Prophet [Gen, PG13] playthefool, fic: Long Road Home by mako_lies
  • Brothers [Gen, PG13] by crimsontoad, fic: Antianeirai by raise_the_knife
  • The Fall [Dean/Castiel, R] by fate_incomplete, fic: Faithful by septembers_coda
  • Bloody Mess [Sam/Dean, NC17] by resosphere, fic: A Double Edged Demon Sword by flawlessglitch
  • Refuge [Dean/Castiel, R] by felidraxian, fic by raths_kitten
  • Evil Coffee [Sam and Dean, PG13] by crimsontoad, fic: Piece of Cake by girlguidejones

Catch-up posting[edit]

  • Remember Me [Sam/Dean, NC17] by petite_madame, fic: Into Oblivion by cherie_morte
  • Angel INC [Gen, PG13] by Chef_Geekier, fic by Kira_Cadavez