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The FD threads of the SPN Slash Big Bang challenge.


  • Siren Song [Dean/Spike, Spike/Angel, Sam/Xander, NC17] by darklingdawns, art by sammycolt24
  • In Media Res [Sam/Dean, OFC/OMC, NC17] by dimeliora, art by weekendship


  • City Of The Angels [Jo Harvelle/Mia Toretto, NC17] by sparrowshellcat, art by deadflowers5
  • My Immortal [Gabriel/Crowley, R] by tortsh_coed, art by viviantanner


  • Calver Ridge [Sam/Dean, NC17] by theron09, art by inanna_maat
  • Beloved Sin [Dean/Paul Callen, Ruby/Mr Friendly, R] by sailorhathor by sailorhathor
  • Rough trade [John/Dean, NC17] by john_n_dean, art by reapertownusa
  • Forever Young [Sam/Dean, NC17] by darklingdawns, art by alteredloc