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FD threads for the Sam/Dean Minibang 2012.

Week 1: October 15 to 19[edit]

Week 2: October 22 to 26[edit]

  • Feeding [Sam/Dean, NC17] by selecasharp, art by tringic
  • Man Enough [Sam/Dean, NC17] by runedgirl, art by deadflowers5

Week 3: October 29 to November 2[edit]

  • No Easy Walk [Sam/Dean, NC17] by pixymisa, art by placeofinsanity
  • Possession [Sam/Dean, NC17] by deancaslover32, art by irradiant
  • Imposter? [Sam/Dean, NC17] by annie46, art by zempasuchil
  • Gift Box [Sam/Dean, NC17] by smalltroven, art by colls

Week 4: November 5 to 9[edit]

  • Regeneration [Gen, TBC for fic, G for art] by gold_bluepoint, art by scarletscarlet
  • As It Is [Sam/Dean, NC17] by locknkey, art by adrianneb78239