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FD threads for Sastiel Minibang.


  • Slices of Orange [Misha/Jared, E] by shinigami_yumi/mishaisafaelord, art by tomcat941/castieltheflyingassbutt
  • Bewitched [Sam/Castiel, Teen] by Aria_Lerendeair, art by FigDrawsThings
  • Detached [Sam/Cas, T] by moonyj4m, art by apentomyhead


  • One Fall Day [Sam/Cas, Explicit] by wildirerose, art by bangyourhammer
  • Hallelujah [Sam/Castiel, M] by pyritedark, art by playthefool
  • Trinity [Sam/Cas/Dean, E] by septembers_coda, art by mask_of_red
  • Holly Jolly [Sam/cas, hints of Dean/Gabriel, R] by kototyph, art by kidezt