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FD threads for the Wincestiel Smut Challenge.


  • Discussion thread
    • Ripening by Vera Dragonmuse
    • A Hand Between Friends by Firesign10
    • The Stray by saltandbyrne
    • Welcome to Casa Erotica by natt
    • Fine Print by verucasalt123
    • Surprise by winter_fictions
    • What Goes Around by wildirerose
    • Copped and Bothered by xsnappapplex
    • Truth or Dare? by tfw_ftw
    • It Starts and Ends with You by snowin_you
    • Tethered to Them by DC_derringer
    • Boy's Night In by jadekirk
    • Whatever Castiel Wants...or How Samuel Winchester Ended Up In A Threesome by annabethlemorte
    • Hunger by iluvkinkythings
    • A Knot I Can't Untangle (Both of You) by badbastion
    • I hope you wanna let go cause this is home by dazedrose
    • Good Puppy, Bad Kitty by Sparxflame
    • Gabe's Got A Gun by lilithrain